I was so concerned about my Tribunal.
My case was so well prepared that I was in the Tribunal less than 5 minutes before winning my case.
I’m so grateful.


TRSW took on my case, no win no fee. I received over £5,000 in back dated benefits, and don’t expect to have my PIP reviewed again until 2022.

TRSW attended my healthcare assessment. Previous experiences had been so traumatic. It was as though the hcp had been talking about someone else.
This time, it was different. I was awarded without the need to go to Tribunal.

I have been arguing with HRMC for months over my tax credit award.
TRSW smoothed the process. I got my award reviewed at a Tribunal and the backdated money paid.

I had a complex case because I applied for pip having already been turned down.
Tribunal representation simplified this process and won both appealed on the same day.
Jennifer, Exeter

I was in and out of tribunal in less than ten minutes. These guys know what they are doing.
Dawn, Plymouth

I had an inheritance which I had no idea would affect my benefits.
TRSW talked me through the processes and liaised with the dwp.
No appeal was required and my benefit continued as normal.
Harvey, Plymouth 

I use this organisation every time I get a dwp letter through the post.
It’s stopped any potential tribunal.
Glenn, Plymouth

TRSW do all case management, assessments and tribunals given to them by our fibromyalgia group.
Very experienced and knowledgable. Successful in every case over the past four years
Pam, Plymouth 

When I get a new assessment, I just call on these fantastic people.
Professional, Empathic. 
Jake, Plymouth