Our Services

We first make an assessment about your eligibility to appeal.

Crucially, we will give you an indication as to whether you have a realistic chance of success in your appeal. This assessment of your case is free of charge.

We guard our success rate with jealousy and so will only take on cases that have a good chance of success, which is why we will read the Secretary of State response before deciding whether to take a case.

Once appointed as your representatives, we will give you advice on evidence gathering and preparation for your appeal.

We will do this after extensive reading of The Secretary Of State's Response and highlighting the mistakes made by the Healthcare Professional (where Appropriate) and ultimately the decision maker in your case.

We will attend on the day of your Tribunal. It is recognised that you are 60% more likely to succeed in your appeal if you are represented by an experienced representative.

After we have successfully represented you, we will ensure that all backdated benefits are paid to you within a reasonable time period and scrutinise the decision made by tribunal to ensure that there were no errors in law made by the Judge in your case. We will then gateway assess you with regard to any other benefits you could claim.

Contact us now for a no obligation informal chat about your case and more about how we charge for our services.